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Christopher Pope,

for Montana State Senate 2024

Chris Pope is a Bozeman business and community leader who is running as a Democrat for his second term in the Montana Senate with a goal to improve the quality of life for working Montanans and their families.

In his 8 years in Helena – including two terms in the Montana House of Representatives – Chris has advocated for a strong, transparent and efficient state government capable of finding practical solutions to the leading issues of the day: property tax reform, affordable healthcare, climate health and local government control, among many others.

For example, Chris advocates for high-quality, well-paying jobs and expanding markets for value-added Montana goods and services. He is a champion for clean energy, affordable healthcare, excellence in public schools and expanded opportunity for Montanans with disabilities.

Chris believes that the continued stewardship of Montana’s world-class environment and wildlife is essential to the state’s future economic success – as are critical continued state government investments in public education and affordable healthcare.

In the past 68th Legislative session, Chris actively served on important state Senate committees overseeing energy policy, budget and appropriations, and state and local government relations. Chris is currently Vice-Chair of the Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee, and plays a leading role in the Senate’s budget oversight of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Chris and his wife, Maddy, have called Montana home for over 30 years, during which time they founded The Great Rocky Mountain Toy Company on Bozeman’s historic Main Street.

Chris additionally pursued a role in community development with a 15 year career in commercial real estate, and served on various City advisory groups central to the renovation of the Historic Downtown Business District. He chaired the Bozeman Parking Commission for 12 years, during which time the City successfully built a $12 million parking facility downtown.

Chris was presented with the city’s Life is Downtown achievement award in 2011.

Additionally, Chris served as an officer on the Board of Directors of Eagle Mount and the Montana Conservation Corps.

Chris received his BA from the University of Oregon; and, a Master’s Degree from the Yale University School of Management.

Chris and Maddy have two adult-age children, Jess and Ben, and pursue an active outdoor life in the Gallatin Valley enjoying their dogs and photography and community.

The Issues


Building a vibrant economy for working Montanans and their families.

The vitality and health of our communities depends upon a robust, entrepreneurial and growing economy capable of delivering well-paying jobs and a sense of opportunity for all Montanans. I have worked for 20 years in Montana-based small business. I know what businesses need to thrive and I will work hard to create jobs and economic opportunity in the Montana Senate and across the Treasure State.

State government plays a critical role in supporting the Montana business community – preparing a future workforce, assisting with new market development, and helping create conditions for entrepreneurial activity in the state. Montana needs to increase its share of new and emerging markets, and State government must do its part to help businesses transition to best practices of sustainability, technology transfer and industry collaboration.


Protecting Montana’s world-class environment.

Montana is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty – a core contributor to our remarkable quality of life. Clean air and water, world-class wildlife and wild lands, pristine rivers, bountiful parks and public lands, are also an essential part of Montana’s modern economy. I will fight for access to public lands, clean air and water, a serious pragmatic approach to addressing climate change, and leadership in energy conservation and renewable energy development – to ensure that Montana continues to be that special place to live, work and recreate.


Envisioning Healthy Communities.

I believe affordable healthcare for all Montanans is an essential goal, and a core value of our future quality of life here in the Treasure State. A healthy and productive workforce is an immediate outcome. But, it’s also just a beginning to a vision of Healthy Communities: the State needs to move swiftly to improve mental health services, to reduce health care costs to seniors, to encourage active lifestyles in our communities, and to take meaningful steps to end substance abuse that is epidemic across our state, most tragically among our youth.


Excellence in Public Education.

Public education is a cherished institution in the Treasure State – but it demands our constant attention to ensure relevance and achievement in a rapidly changing world. Our kids need to graduate with an improved sense of self, with experience in service and volunteerism, skilled in the new technologies, as citizens ready to assume responsibility in their community and economy. I will advocate for proper funding, merit-based management, and programmatic innovation to promote excellence in our K-12 and higher-ed schools. And, as an extension to excellence in formal education, I will advocate for opportunities for our students to volunteer and to give back to their community – a Montana version of the 21st Century Conservation Corps.


Stewarding our Infrastructure.

I am a proponent for the careful, timely reinvestment in our state’s critical infrastructure – whether that be for roads and bridges, community water and sewer systems, or public energy and communications infrastructure. The prudent use of public finance to preserve and maintain our essential public assets is key to a healthy and functioning economy, and to our quality of life. I would expressly include the renovation of the iconic Romney Hall on Montana State University’s campus in the conversation of infrastructure investment. We Montanans owe a debt of gratitude to our state University system, which provides a world-class educational path for our students, and which is a significant contributor to new and emerging technology and economic growth. Re-investing in our state universities is a win-win, and should be a high priority in our state budget process.


Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility in State Government

Montana spends approximately $7 billion annually in the delivery of essential state government services, including healthcare, public education and safety, environmental protection, transportation and criminal justice – to name just a few. Taxpayers depend on the legislature to protect the fiscal integrity of all government budgeting and operations, ensuring that citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars are invested in a transparent, fair and productive manner. Chris has taken a leadership role in Senate Finance and Claims, a key appropriations committee, with a special focus on the state’s critical Department of Health and Human Services budget.

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